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Wild Monkeys

Wild Monkeys Spirit Raw Carbon Fibre

Wild Monkeys Spirit Raw Carbon Fibre

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Named in tribute to ancient and mischievous monkeys from Japanese folklore, Spirit is built to wreak havoc on the pickleball court. It is the first of the new Elite series and combines a full arsenal of best-in-class features.

Spirit has a 15 mm honeycomb core for unmatched balance of power and control. High-density foam is injected around the core perimeter before the paddle is heat sealed into a single piece of edgeless carbon fiber. An edge guard is added to protect the integrity of the paddle surface. The elongated face is made of raw T700 carbon fiber with Carbon Friction Surface (CFS) technology. At its base, players will enjoy a 6 in. handle perfect for two-handed backhands.

Weighing 8.0-8.1 oz out of the box, Spirit is ready-made for players to customize the weight and balance to their liking with a 10-pack of pre-cut lead tape strips that's included with purchase. Also included is a carbon fiber paddle eraser with bag clip. 

Spirit is built for chaos. Join us. 

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