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Wild Monkeys

Wild Monkeys Falcon Wide Body Lightweight

Wild Monkeys Falcon Wide Body Lightweight

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Lightning-fast lightweight paddle with the spin of raw carbon fiber enhanced by “carbon cloth” friction technology. Falcon has potential for max swing speed and plenty of power like the peregrine falcon for which it’s named and designed, nature’s fastest animal and one of its most elite predators. At 7.5 oz (before grip customizations) with a 13.5mm core and 5 in handle, Falcon is made for winning matches.

Raw CF series: spin is the priority in the raw carbon fiber series, with silk printed lines designed for minimal interference on the gritty carbon fiber surface enhanced by “carbon cloth” friction technology.

Diamond grips: Falcon paddles are hand wrapped with the PROLITE No Sweat Diamond Grip, bringing unrivaled comfort, durability and moisture control to your paddle handle. The diamond punch out design with ultra-absorbent backing channels sweat away from palms for better traction and confidence even in hot and sweaty conditions. Six colors and additional customizations are available through

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