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Tyrol Women's Striker V Pro Series

Tyrol Women's Striker V Pro Series

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The Striker Pro V series is produced for the serious player who demands on court performance, stability and durability from their footwear product .The wide toes box fit ensures a comfortable fit and through an exiting partnership with Vibram an outsole that meets expectations on outdoor surfaces. The medial side power clip and exterior heel counter adds stability and support for the advanced player.

High-Durability Vibram® Outsole

Vibram® is the world leader in rubber outsole manufacturing and we have collaborated with them on our outsole design. They have formulated an X Abrade compound specific to use on painted silica grit treated pickleball courts to ensure performance grip, stability, and durability.

    Lightweight Material

    Our removable insole is EVA base with Nylex top. EVA is a lightweight cushioning material. The insole has holes in the arch area to allow for breathability and flow-through ventilation.

    Heel Stabilizer

    The heel stabilizer is designed to give lateral stability to the player. We use a sculpted last during the construction of our shoes that creates a curved heel. This curved heel sets your foot snuggly into the back of the shoe and provides correct alignment to prevent an ankle rollover.

    Power Clip

    The Power Clip is the name for the rubber toe bumper that moves up to the medial side of the shoe to add support for stepping into your shot. It also gives toe draggers more support at the toe and medial side of the shoe.

    Complete Aeration System

    We designed a flow-through cooling system thats allows air movement and ventilation through the insole, midsole and outsole of the shoe.

    Torsion Control Shank

    We built a torsion control shank to provide lateral stability and support to prevent rolling an ankle in the quick side to side movement of pickleball.

    Generously Wide Toe Box

    The kinetic movement in pickleball is a start and stop forward action sport with quick lateral short step movement. For this reason, we have used a wide toe box both in width and height to prevent toe injury that is prevalent in the sport.


    Open weave mesh nylon upper and aerated insole and midsole offer excellent flow through ventilation.


    Our EVA Midsole material compound and removable insole provide the perfect blend of comfort and performance.


    The EVA midsole works with TPU shank to provide a stable playing platform and prevents ankle roll over.


    Vibram Chevron tread design outsole provides directional traction for quick movement on the court. The rear contoured exterior heel counter adds excellent support.

    ** Print the shoe size chart and measure your foot before selecting your size

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