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Titan ACE Pickleball Machine

Titan ACE Pickleball Machine

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Titan ACE Highlights

Titan ACE is our most compact ball machine. With superior features and unparalleled performance, Titan are the best pickleball machines on the market.

  • Compact design
  • Clever hopper design - fits 110 pickleballs
  • Create custom drills with our free Titan Drills app
  • 12 popular pickleball drills pre-programmed
  • Use Titan's MegaDrill for the ultimate drilling experience
  • High-powered motors deliver speeds up to 75mph
  • Active Braking System - allows for fast acceleration and deceleration between balls
  • Internal oscillation for a true random match play experience
  • Rechargeable lithium battery included - 2 hours of play per battery
  • Sleek design
  • Enhanced portability with extendable handle and large trolley wheels


Ball Capacity 110
Speed Range 10 - 70 mph
Battery Rechargeable lithium battery included
Weight 39 lb when empty
47 lb with 100 pickleballs
Dimensions Height 21"/30" (hopper inverted / hopper upright)
Width 15"
Length 18"
Ball Feed Range 1 - 10 seconds between balls
Maximum Trajectory 60 degrees
Internal Oscillation Yes,  internal oscillation gives an unpredictable ball delivery.
Only the internal motors of the ball machine move side to side, while the exterior stays stationary.
Vertical Oscillation / Height Adjustment Yes, Titan Ace can deliver balls from just clearing the net all the way up to high overhead shots
Horizontal Oscillation Yes, Titan Ace oscillates to deliver balls to any point over the full width of the tennis court
Remote Control / App Titan Drills app - free for both iPhone and Android
Titan Remote - sold separately
Battery Charger Included
Portability Extendable trolley handle
Large trolley wheels
Multiple grab points

Titan ACE Pickleball Promo Video

Titan ONE versus Titan ACE

The Titan ONE and Titan ACE machines share the same internal mechanisms, they have the same controls, and both feature Titan's unique Anti Braking System and internal oscillation. Both the Titan ONE and Titan ACE can deliver the same shots, the same ball speed, height, horizontal oscillation etc.

The only difference between the Titan ONE and Titan ACE machines is the exterior design of the machine and the function of the hopper.

The Titan ONE has the all-in-one hopper design that conveniently stores balls and your kit inside the machine's zip closure hopper. The capacity of the Titan ONE is 85 pickleballs. The Titan Ball Hopper Extension increases the ball capacity of the Titan ONE pickleball machine to 240 pickleballs.

The Titan ACE is a more compact machine. The capacity of the Titan ACE is 110 pickleballs. The Titan ACE has a removable hopper that can be inverted to reduce the size of the machine for transporting and storage. 

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