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Heavy Duty Court Tape

Heavy Duty Court Tape

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Great for long lasting outdoor and indoor court lines!

The Heavy-Duty Court Tape is a great option for those who want something a little sturdier than the paper court tape. Each roll is 2-inches wide and 200 feet long which will line an entire pickleball court. This tape has an extremely resilient polyethylene, vibrant orange backing.  It will easily attach to the court thanks to the single-coated, synthetic rubber adhesive. It also features a unique, UV-resistant coating to help the bright orange color stay just as vibrant as it was on day one of use.

The Heavy-Duty Court Tape is quite conformable and can stick to most surfaces. It will adhere best to surfaces free of oil, powder, dust or other small particles, so be sure to give your court a good sweeping prior to application. This tape will leave no residue if you should ever need to remove it from the court. As with any bonding agent, we suggest testing this product on a small patch of surface prior to application to determine ease of removal.

Please note: Tape will be affected by rain and moisture and we cannot guarantee longevity of application in rainy/wet conditions.  If the outdoor court surface is porous or not clean, this tape may not last very long. It does not stick well to outdoor courts that have an acrylic surface (usually court surfaces that are blue, green etc).

Removal Tip:

If the tape has been down for a long period (2+ months), prior to removal heat can be applied with a hair dryer as tape is peeled back. The heat softens the adhesive and little residue should remain. A more labor intensive solution, but a simple hair dryer will do the trick.
Here are a few helpful suggestions for removing any residue that may remain after removing tape.

  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Citrus-based cleaners
  • Windex
  • Heat
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