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Gearbox Ultimate Pickleball Starter Kit

Gearbox Ultimate Pickleball Starter Kit

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For the Ultimate Fun Start

Start Your Game with the Advantage.

The Ultimate Pickleball Starter Kit designed by Gearbox, was curated to cater to the needs of the novice pickleball player looking for convenience, great quality, user-friendly gear for an enjoyable day of pickleball fun.

This grab & go starter kit offers the utmost convenience by including two USAP approved, high-quality, lightweight beginner pickleball paddles, three USAP approved GB1 pickleball balls and a beautifully designed easy-to-carry sling bag to keep your gear organized.

GB Fun Tech

Making Pickleball Fun and Easy

Gearbox is committed to making pickleball play fun and easy for all. Playing with Gearbox, the leader in technology and quality, boosts your confidence on the court, knowing you can rely on your gear and keeping you focused on your game. We’ll be your ally and #1 fan on the court.  

Fiber H7 Technology

Enhanced Performance + Forgiving Play

Gearbox’s advanced Fiber H7 Technology gives these lightweight paddles an enhanced performance with a large and forgiving sweet spot, making it fun and easy to learn pickleball. 

Multilayer, 6-Ply Construction

Reliable Performance Match after Match

The sturdy and strong paddle construction ensures consistent and reliable performance, letting players focus on their best game and improve their skills.

Unidirectional Composite Fiberglass Face

Control + Shot Accuracy

The composite fiberglass face provides excellent control for dinking, power on demand for baseline play and improved shot accuracy for maximum performance.


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