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Wild Monkeys

Wild Monkeys Caesar Ghost Elongated Raw T700 Carbon Fiber

Wild Monkeys Caesar Ghost Elongated Raw T700 Carbon Fiber

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Combine the best features of Caesar 3K (elongated, 16mm core) with the spin potential of a raw T700 carbon fiber face enhanced by “carbon cloth” friction technology. Caesar Ghost is finished with the PROLITE Phantom Grip, which has a more subtle color profile and more cushion and tackiness than its diamond counterpart.

Ghost series: built for maximum spin and durability with raw T700 carbon fiber face finished with “carbon cloth” friction technology and without Wild Monkeys signature UV printed graphics. Silk printed lines feature the silhouette of the great horned owl, one of nature’s most elite stealth hunters.

Phantom grips: the Ghost Series is hand wrapped with the PROLITE Phantom Ultra Grip, providing the ultimate combination of tackiness, comfort and moisture control in pickleball. The perforated design with ultra-absorbent backing channels sweat away from palms for better traction and confidence even in hot and sweaty conditions. Additional customizations are available through

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