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Tyrol Women's Rally Series-NEW!
Tyrol Women's Rally Series-NEW!

Tyrol Women's Rally Series-NEW!

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The Rally series shoe is produced for the intermediate player who wants comfort, durability with some performance features from their footwear product. The wide toe box does ensure a comfortable fit on the court. The midsole and outsole are designed for hard court surfaces.

The Rally series is for the intermediate Pickleball player where comfort and durability are paramount, but performance features make an impact. Enjoying your time on the court and getting into the game comes easier with designs that make these shoes breathable, light, and comfortable to wear. Midsole and outsole construction puts performance first, so you’re always ready for one more match.

TYROL is a shoe company dedicated to the design of pickleball-specific footwear. Pickleball is North America's fastest growing sport. Our new line addresses performance requirements for stability, support and comfort. We believe well constructed footwear is the foundation for active enjoyment of the game. We trust you do as well!

Key Features:

    • Breathable mesh nylon upper.
    • Reinforced Tricot padding for added foot comfort.
    • Molded rubber toe and power clip for strike support and toe drag reinforcement.
    • Aerated breathable insole and cooling system.
    • Lightweight insole material for superior comfort and mobility.
    • High-quality rubber outsole for superior on-court traction, stability and safety.
    • Advanced tread design for added support and performance.

** Print the shoe size chart and measure your foot before selecting your size