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Selkirk Maxima 21P MXO Morgan Evans Signature
Selkirk Maxima 21P MXO Morgan Evans Signature
Selkirk Maxima 21P MXO Morgan Evans Signature
Selkirk Maxima 21P MXO Morgan Evans Signature

Selkirk Maxima 21P MXO Morgan Evans Signature

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The new Maxima Composite Paddle, co-designed with Morgan Evans, maximizes your reach and handle length. The Maxima uses the maximum allowable length of 17" and width of 7". Its unique, rounded shape, gives it a focused sweet-spot and extra control. We utilized our FiberStrongTM Composite face, DualPrintTM surface, and PowerCoreTM Polymer core technology to increase power and ability to spin the ball.


Selkirk is known for it's desire to innovate, to challenge the status quo. Never before has a paddle with maximum power and spin also been able to provide players with such delicate touch and feel. It's an F1 with a soundtrack by Mozart. Co-designed with Morgan Evans, a player known for taking chances with big serves, aggressive ground strokes, and a flare for creativity. The long handle and a streamlined neck provide enough flex to make the Maxima the ultimate weapon, in the hands of the skilled player. The Maxima doesn't just play the game, it changes it.


If you have ever looked at a long paddle and been more intrigued than confused, the Maxima is for you. Do you want to take back that killer forehand that once gave you aspirations of Wimbledon glory? With this paddle, it's yours. Life has taught you that fortune favors the brave and you should be prepared to take a few risks to keep your opponents guessing. You are willing to work hard but would appreciate a little help from the maximum allowable paddle length. If you can hit the sweet spot more often than not, then you deserve to reap the rewards. Don't bring a knife to a gunfight, try the Maxima, a unique paddle for a unique player.


  • Average Weight: 7.2oz - 7.6oz
  • Shape:
    • Length: 17"
    • Width: 7"
  • Grip: 4.25" Selkirk ComfortGrip
  • Polymer PowerCore: durable polymer honeycomb PowerCoreTM Technology provides increased power.
  • FiberStrong Composite Face: fiberglass technology that produces a powerful, yet lightweight paddle.
  • DualPrint Surface: extremely lightweigth and imparts extra spin on the ball



With the Maxima's extra reach, you can be sure to get those balls normally just out of reach with a normal paddle. It also allows you to take advantage of angled shots.


The Maxima’s extra long handle allows Morgan for extra reach and power. If you are a Tennis player who gets annoyed at a traditional Pickleball paddle’s short grip, the Maxima is the paddle you’ve been looking for.